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Pushing The Boundaries Of Architectural Innovation

Revolutionary, Patented, Demountable Interior Glass Wall Partition Systems With The Highest STC Ratings!


Single & Double Glazed Partition Systems

Solite Systems is renowned for design and engineering that pushes the limits of interior commercial spaces to bring architectural designs to life. Revolutionary demountable modular design allows for over a hundred different glass configurations with the highest STC ratings to guarantee top performance.

Icon for Solite Systems Arcana A1200 single glazed partition system
Icon for the A4200 double and triple glazed 7" partition systems

A1200 Series

A2200 Series

A3200 Series

A4200 Series

A5200 Series

Single Glazed

Partition System

Double Glazed

 4.5" Partition System

Double Glazed

6" Partition System

Double Glazed & Triple Glazed

7" Partition System

Variable Depth

Partition System

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Get To Know Us

commercial office space featuring a demountable glass wall partition system
Innovative Design

Our patented systems are configured to accommodate multiple glass thicknesses in one track to cut through waste and improve efficiency. Projects are structurally strong, aesthetically beautiful, and
fiscally responsible.

Interior glass atrium space with single and double glazed glass walls
Tested Performance

The engineering behind the Arcana has allowed us to receive extremely high STC ratings of 50+. Each system has been tested with different glass thicknesses and types with the required certifications
and data.

Commercial office space showing glass wall panels with spider fittings
Expert Service

We take pride in  delivering outstanding service with our 3 P's Model of Professionalism, Patience, and
People First. You will always receive a high level of detail and customer commitment from us.

Prestigious glass wall office space overlooking a city

What Sets Us Apart

Solite Systems offers demountable glass partitions to accommodate glass thicknesses ranging from
3/8" to 1-1/16" to achieve top performance. 

  • ​Highest Quality Aluminum

  • State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing Facilities

  • Precision Tested Performance

We will work directly with architects, glaziers, or contractors to build the best configuration for any project.

Staff collaborating in a glass wall office space

Understanding Acoustics

Sound travels through walls. To prevent this, architects install glass partitions instead of regular drywalls to divide the space, substantially reducing the noise levels to enhance indoor acoustics. Glass partitions do not develop drafts or gaps over the years, which makes them effective in the long run.

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